It’s been a while since we last connected and, well, we’ve been busy working on understanding all the information that you and other women provided during your involvement in the Women2Women (W2W): A Study of Women’s Relationships with Men. This study was a HUGE success because of you.

Women2Women was conducted with the objective of learning more about women’s relationships with their male sex partners and to gain a better understanding of issues important to women and to women’s sexual health. The main purpose of this study was to test the effect of Love, Sex, & Choices (LSC), a 12-episode online web series about encouraging women to love their bodies, to understand what they really want in relationships, and how to make these intentions happen with a man who can give women what they want, not what they don’t want— like placing themselves at risk for HIV.

Love, Sex, & Choices was to do all that, and to also encourage viewers and their partners to go for HIV testing.

We know that during the study not everyone was assigned to watch, Love, Sex, & Choices (LSC): Half of you were assigned to watch LSC, and the other half to watch a fun online series called RoomieLoverFriends. We’re writing to let you know that we’ve made Love, Sex, & Choices available –to all participants in the W2W study! This is an opportunity to stream Love, Sex, & Choices at no cost, and as often as you like, wherever you like, 24/7.

To watch, click Love, Sex, & Choices in the menu above, or click here!

We will always be grateful to all of you who participated in Women2Women and took the time to provide feedback on your personal stories and journey to finding awareness! Once the results of the study are available, we’ll share these with you. So please expect to hear from us again.

Please keep in touch – follow us on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to keep up to date with W2W and watch LSC on our brand new website!

With warm regards,
The Women2Women research Team